Eucalyptus Prints


Eco colour prints made from Eucalyptus Paper! 

Eucalyptus trees are a fast-growing evergreen species highly efficient in retaining carbon dioxide and countering the greenhouse effect. They are also very efficient in using the water available to them. Growing without long or deep roots they regulate transpiration through their leaves, retaining excess water for use in periods of drought, rather like camels. Research has shown that eucalyptus can be cultivated on a site in the long term with no undesirable effects. Minerals used for helping growth are seasonally returned to the land through falls of leaves and bar

Eucalyptus paper is strong, smooth and the colours come out so vibrant.

The eucalyptus paper is FSC certified manufactured using 100% eucalyptus pulp and made at a mill with ISO14001 certification, printed in Poole with vegetable based inks 

The print comes packaged with a back board (made from recycled stock) and enclosed in a clear protective slip 

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