Meet the team!


Meet the Team!



Myself (Jen)

The main force behind this business! Artist, product design and development, social media manager, marketing guru, business consultant, order packer, customer service manager, events manager, financial and accounts

Lover of coffee, meeting new people, nature, being outdoors, travel adventures, horse riding, skiing and the pub!


My wonderful boyfriend and number one cheerleader, keeping me sane, listening to my random rambles, bringing me coffees at fairs, pouring a glass of wine at the end of a long week and always there during my ups and downs.


Our wonderful Wollie (Whippet x Collie) A frequent feature on my feed. Sanity provider, chief photo poser and best cuddle giver!


My Irish sports mare and my best friend, making me smile daily and providing me with the best down time​​​​​​​

My wonderful Events Team

Meghan (Step-sister), Jane and David (Mum and Step Dad) and some of my wonderful friends including the 2 Chloe’s! You may recognise these faces. Always there for when I have double fairs. Forever grateful for their on-going support

My lovely retailers!

Just some of my JWA Tribe! Feel very blessed to be stocked in some of these beautiful shops. There are nearly 30 of them now and I am always on the look out for more who want to be part of the wonderful tribe (trade website link is if you are a retailer looking to stock beautiful eco friendly gifts)​​​​​​​

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